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Garden Party Storytime with Sunrise Books
We are excited to invite out kids & families from the community to listen to stories and delve deeper into books, crafts and time together. As my friend Edith Johnson writes on the Sunrise Bookstore website.

"Books can act much like a sunrise. The comfort and tranquility of a heartfelt book. The deep inhale you take after reading an inspiring sentence invoking hope. The smile you give when you experience the beauty and simplicity of a description; the joy of reading a fun story or intriguing mystery. Our desire is to lead you to stories that make you feel like waking up to a beautiful sunrise. Let's shine bright together."

The theme for March 12th was "Rain Drops at Rocky Butte" rain drops are something that we are familiar with but don't worry, the book reading will be inside through the Spring.

Day(s): Saturday, April 9th & May 14th, 2022

Book Reading Time: 10:30-11:30

Location: 8505 NE Fremont St. Portland, OR.

Edith & Sunrise Books will be around and available to share their books with the community until 1pm. 

 For a full calendar of currently scheduled gatherings visit our calendar page.

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