Music Night: Old Barn Preservation Society

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Old Barn Preservation Society Band
Old Barn Preservation Society
We first met Eric and the entire band while they played at the Woodlawn Farmers Market a few years ago. One thing I noticed was how the vibe they created through their music was really palpable. The energy was light, festive and fun...people danced, kids were laughing, the sun came out and everyone was smiling. I'm really excited to see these guys play at the the espresso bar! We're paying them a small stipend but they'll have a tip jar and will also have some music for sale at the gathering.
The details: this music night is free at the Espresso Bar community space.
Day/Time: Friday, March 25th 2022 from 6-8pm.
Location: 8505 NE Fremont St.
We're just rolling out evening gatherings and this will be among the first. There is a lot to learn and we are so excited to be able to gather for this live music night! 
Hope to see you there.
For a full calendar of currently scheduled gatherings visit our calendar page.

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