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"Sometimes letting go of the day-to-day is as easy as making art," wrote local artist, community instigator, and Shine Hard Art host Joshua Shirley on a ripped corner of paper from our art station.

Shine Hard Art is a monthly time to explore the world of self-care through the process of making art. Come join neighbors in making unique creations that will be small enough to take home with you and perhaps hang somewhere to share with the world, too! Joshua will supply necessary materials, but if you have a particular idea or material to use, you are also welcome to bring it.

This is a FREE community event... no purchase necessary! We also have a free community tea box that neighbors are keeping stocked up, and Rocky Butte Espresso Bar will supply the hot water, cups, etc, no problem.

There is a lot of beauty in creating art in community! Denizens of the Rocky Butte community began expressing themselves through large community art murals on the intersection of NE 85th on both Beech & Milton Streets. In getting to know Joshua I, James, have learned to see how any material can be used to create art, and Joshua's art is his way of sharing his light with the world. 

Date: Every 4th Sunday of the Month

Time: 1PM

Location: Rocky Butte Espresso Bar

For a full calendar of currently scheduled gatherings visit our calendar page.

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