Lily's Bio - Operations and Production Manager

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Meet Lily

Lily, Rocky Butte Coffee’s very own Operations and Production Manager, deserves our undying gratitude, as she is the one behind the sourcing, roasting, bagging, and delivery of every one of our coffee beans. When she was little, Lily’s first sips of coffee tasted like mud, and she only enjoyed it in the form of mochas from a certain franchise of small, wind-milled kiosks. However, after helping her dad at farmer’s markets, and taking sips of the cold brew to make sure it was mixed correctly, she began to acquire a taste. Now, her favorite way to drink one of our quality roasts at home is black, though she will make herself a caramel latte at the espresso bar if she’s asked to cover a shift.

Lily was born in Landstuhl, Germany in 2001 while her father, owner and founder James, served in the army. Despite her exotic birth, Lily is a true Rocky Butte neighborhood native, living in the same house since she was four years old. As a result of her parents’ emphasis on community involvement, Lily has grown up with a focus on living hyper locally, knowing and helping the people next to you. Her dream is to use those principles through Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters to find more ways to bring neighbors together—maybe a combo espresso bar and comic book store.

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