Top Coffee for My Top Three Home Brew Methods

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Three Coffee Brew Methods Pictured Moka Pot, French Press and V60 Pour Over

Coffee at home, so many options! When I am asked "What is your favorite coffee?" it's such a tough question! I have so many favorite coffees. I usually respond by saying, "I guess it depends on the brew method."

I have a favorite category of coffee for every brew method.


If I'm pulling a shot of espresso, I like something with low acid, something rich and balanced. We exclusively used our Mean Street at our cafe before we were forced to close. Unfortunately I don't have an espresso machine at the house... something that I may need to remedy.


Moka Pot:

Without a home espresso machine, I go old school. The Bialetti Moka Express 6 Cup is perfect for a rich, low acid, home "espresso." I'm currently trying it with our Boulder Blend (it's great!), though the Mean Street is ideal for this brew method. With its lower acidity than the boulder blend, it makes for a balanced cup of coffee. One full pot provides about 8oz. of liquid. We will plan on writing a blog that shares how this Moka Express can make a couple of top notch home cappuccino or cortados.


French Press:

I most often drink coffee as a French press. Why? It's super convenient—largely hands off. I load the coffee, add the water, wait, press, pour. My go-to roast for this brew method is our Boulder Blend. We heat our water with the same gooseneck kettle that we use for our pour over. The French press is not the cleanest cup since the screen filter in french presses are insufficient for filtering the finest bits of coffee that inevitably end up at the bottom of your cup... but I guess I've just gotten used to it! Speed and convenience win over the more hands-on approaches like the pour over, at least for me.


Pour Over:

Ah, the pour over. My go-to pour over is the Hario V60, I've used the 02 size for years. It's good for one or even two cups of coffee. Unlike the French press, the pour over makes a very clean cup of coffee—even the finest grounds are captured in the paper filter. As for my favorite beans, the pour over practically screams for a light, bright, high acid roast like our Ethiopian, so I have a bag available at any given time at the house. 


Your preferred coffee and brew method may differ. There are so many right ways to approach coffee! Every item I linked to are items that I recommend. When there are so many products available, recommendations can be helpful if you don't know where to start.

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