New Brunch Menu at Denizens Cafe... and a Mural by Alex Chiu!

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Denizens Cafe View of Interior


Denizens Cafe Update:

I bet you’ve been wondering how we’re all doing over at our new space: Denizens Café.

We’ve been open since June 1st of this year, and it’s been a whirlwind—i.e., exhausting, especially for James. He’s given his heart and soul cleaning, planning, prepping, and creating a space and menu we are proud to serve. We’ve also brought on new people we couldn’t do any of this without, and who can finally give James a much-needed break.

If you’ve been in recently, you’ll notice our menu has been updated! We’re doing more brunch-style—because who doesn’t love breakfast all day? Our new hours are 8am-4pm all week, so let us take care of your morning commute hunger and lunchtime decision fatigue. From a variety of fresh salads and rice bowls, warmed focaccia sandwiches, and German pancakes, to toasted breakfast sandwiches, gravy options, and hashes—don't worry, we've got something for you! (We even have gluten free and vegan!)

For those of you who have come in to the café, you may remember a large blank-white wall to the left as you walk in. It’s boring... for now! But we’ve got some exciting plans for a hand-painted mural—floor to ceiling—created by renowned artist Alex Chiu. You may be familiar with his work at the Portland airport. As we finalize plans, we’ll keep you updated!

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