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Melinda - Barista at Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters serves a specialty coffee espresso drink


Meet Melinda


Melinda, one of our baristas and newest Rocky Butte Coffee team member, was born in Aberdeen, Washington. Her ministry-oriented family lived in many places until they settled in Portland in 2014, where she later attended Madison (now McDaniel) High School. Close with the Helms family, and through high school relationships, Melinda became familiar with the Rocky Butte community. Now working in the espresso bar, she has loved getting to know the neighbors more. Her hope for the Rocky Butte Espresso Bar is that it will continue to become a staple of the neighborhood, a place where regulars who all know each other can feel at home, and a place where anyone will go out of their way for the best coffee.


Melinda’s first experience with coffee was not great, but as she grew up, she decided a drink didn’t need to be sweet to be enjoyable. Now, black is the way she chooses to drink it at home, though she has enjoyed making herself lavender, vanilla, oat milk lattes at the espresso bar. Melinda would like her customers to know she’s more likely to spill your drink than get your order wrong, and that SHE’S REALLY SORRY! 

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