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 Shown is the Rocky Butte Community flag

More Ways to Help

The Rocky Butte Espresso Bar is closing its doors on December 31st, 2022. If you have not already, you can read more about that here.

We could use your help. If you are looking for ways to support us, we have some suggestions below:

  • Start a coffee subscription
    • This is a fast and tangible way to help us meet payroll and generate revenue we hope to put toward a new espresso bar—all while getting something delicious in return

    • Help us find wholesale and retail opportunities that can sell our coffee
      Do you know of any:
          • retail stores who support local roasters?
          • coffee shops or restaurants that need local coffee?
          • new businesses in need of a coffee partner?
          • offices, churches, or distributors who are looking for awesome coffee to drink or serve?
          • ? (Your ideas are needed!)
      If so, e-mail us at We’ll appreciate the referral!

      • Help us find a new espresso bar location
        • We are on the hunt for a new location, which ideally will be nearby and can still do honor to the Rocky Butte community we love so much. If you have any thoughts or know of opportunities, you can email James at


      • Help us create and fund a Kickstarter or GoFundMe
        • Some neighbors have suggested creating a way to donate to our cause—we could use some help getting that going.

      • Join a board to help guide us toward a B Corporation certification
        • This is an idea we have been kicking around. More details to follow, but please reach out to if you are interested.

      • Join our bi-monthly gathering of neighbors at La Mestiza
        • There is a collection of neighbors who meet every two weeks and look for positive ways to work in and for the community. Join us, and we’ll see how we can make these and more ideas happen. This gathering meets again January 9th at 6:30PM at Taqueria La Mestiza on NE Fremont.


      These are just a few suggestions, but if you have more ideas, please do not hesitate to reach out at We love our neighbors and are passionate about our community. Our hope is to continue doing so for years and years to come.


      -Hannah, Office Manager for Rocky Butte Coffee Roasters

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